How Effective Is Your Target Plus Marketing Efforts to Increase Sales?

The third-party ecommerce segment is aggressively growing and expanding its reach that benefits small scale and startup business owners. In light of the pandemic, the platform paved the way for these business owners to grow their brand exponentially. Most merchants operate their online stores, but recently bigwigs like Sears, Rakuten, and Target made selling on their platform possible. It has become very influential as retailers can now have a share of their existing audience. Target Plus is a program of retailer, Target, that provides businesses the opportunity to showcase their product in front and center of Target’s extensive market. However, it is becoming hypercompetitive. Therefore, aggressive marketing efforts should be carried out to stand out within the top-tier ecommerce marketplaces. Here are six practical marketing tips to impact sales and revenue. 

  • Take customer service seriously

Keeping your customers satisfied with their entire journey with your brand is vital to frequency and loyalty. Therefore, maintaining a top customer relationship and ranking is crucial. Maintaining a top-notch relationship involves meeting shipping expectations, honoring refund and exchange policies, and timely response and engagement. These third-party marketplaces do not tolerate delays in response to queries, abysmal reviews on customer review sites. Therefore, an effective marketing effort to stay ahead in Target Plus is superb customer service.  

  • Elevate visibility and relevance through advertising

Participate and engage in the platform’s pay-per-click advertising program. In this way, your brand can improve your ecommerce SEO through improved rankings in retail search engines. Similar to Google Product listing, ads can be deployed to boost visibility in the platform and recommendation listings. In addition, it has built-in analytics to measure the return on investment of advertisements. Therefore, worthwhile money is spent. In Target Plus, PPC placement is implemented by showcasing your product in the “Featured Deals” section. It is a proven tactic to increase sales and revenue.

  • Make your content compelling

Create and build excellent product content through compelling copies. Optimize product headlines with concise and straightforward descriptions. A best practice is to integrate a detailed product summary in bullet points with high-quality images. Be accurate with specifications, pricing, and shipping settings. It is non-negotiable to be transparent with costs because inaccuracy can be off-putting for your reputation.

  • Be competitive with pricing

Marketplaces pricing can be very dynamic and constantly changing throughout the business day. Be flexible with pricing and implement strategies so your product pricing can be competitive. Utilize price-monitoring tools to benchmark with the competition. Make sure that as an entrepreneur, you have a grasp of your margins so you bid reasonably and can offer the best price possible. Promotions and discounts are also effective marketing strategies. Strategically bundle your items into gift baskets during the holiday. Free shipping, gift wrapping, and product upgrades are promotions you can integrate to attract customers and generate sales.

  • Note that quality and superior products are everything

In ecommerce retail, understanding your customer is very vital. Items that are top sellers in your online store may not perform well in marketplaces. Implement due diligence through benchmarking and testing. In this way, you can identify the products that can compete with the items within the platform. Offer only top-notch quality products. Ultimately, the best marketing effort to be deployed is allowing the product to speak for itself.

  • Manage inventory

If you are a seasoned seller and your products are available in different channels, create a full-proof system that allows you to manage your products’ availability accurately. The last thing you want is a customer complaint due to items running out of stock. 


Being part of the Target Plus program is an opportunity you should take advantage of. However, the challenge lies in thriving in the ecosystem and staying ahead of your competition. Impeccable customer service, quality, reasonably priced products, and a good advertising campaign are vital elements of success in this third-party ecommerce platform. 

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